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Darvon is the brand name of the drug that is commonly known by its generic name, Propoxyphene. Darvon is a drug that is counted under the group of drugs called narcotic pain killers. It is used to get relief from pain that is mild or moderate. Patients can buy Darvon 100mg online only after they have consulted with a doctor for the pain that is occurring.

Some people in the United States use Darvon for other purposes also that are not legal and may harm your system in the wrong way. It is important to know that Darvon should not be taken with a sedative or an antidepressant; taking them alone can cause side effects that will be harmful to your internal system.

The use of alcohol should be stopped as you start taking Darvon as pain relief because the consumption of alcohol will make you feel dizzy at all times. Dangerous side effects may occur if alcohol is combined with this narcotic pain killer. Even the food and drink that you are taking should not contain alcohol in them at any proportion.


As said above, Darvon is a narcotic medication that is used for pain occurring in the human body. Patients can use this drug to get relief from pain that can be mild or moderate. Darvon is a tolerable drug when we talk about the damage this drug can cause, but still, you need to know about the pros cons it for your safety. This drug (Darvon) should not be given to patients who have a history of drug abuse or going to overdose on a drug.

People who suffer from any serious health issues like – asthma, breathing problems, liver or kidney disease, brain tumors, or any mental illness are advised not to use Darvon drug as a pain reliever. Darvon medication should only be used as per the prescription that you are provided with when you purchased the drug for your personal use.


Darvon 100 mg dosage depends on the patient’s health, i.e. the dose that your doctor recommends you to take if a detailed process that he goes through after doing a check-up of your physicality and mental conditions. If in case you suffer from any other disease or have been taking some other medicine, it is best that you tell your doctor about it so that he could give you the right amount of dose suitable for the treatment.

Darvon comes in many doses and forms that are to be taken as per the prescribed detail of it. Darvon 100 mg is given to patients once the increase in the dosage is maintained so that there is no sudden impact on the body. You may buy Darvon 100 mg online on our website as well.


Below are listed the side effects of Darvon –

  • Feeling dizzy at times
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Constipation
  • Muscle pain
  • Blurred vision

These were the commonly known side effects of Darvon. Before you buy Darvon online, learn about the basics of it and how it should be used to treat pain.


The effect of Darvon lasts for 5-6 hours, but the content of the drug can be found in the body after that too. In the bloodstream, Darvon stays for almost 24 hours, and in the hair follicle, it can be detected for almost 90 days.


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